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Heartland Goldens and Mini Goldendoodles Veterinarian Scholarship

At Heartland Goldens and Mini Goldendoodles (HGMG) we strongly believe in giving back to the dog-community.  We proud of our “Heartland Goldens and Mini Goldendoodles Veterinarian Scholarship”. 

Heartland Goldens and Mini Goldendoodles (HGMG) will award one $500 scholarship.  To be eligible, students must be a graduating high school senior in the class of 2021, who demonstrates excellence in the classroom, positive history in the care of animals, and who are pursuing a four-year degree in animal nutrition, animal science, animal breeding and  genetics, biological sciences or pre-vet sciences, preferences to applicants planning a career in veterinary medicine. 

This scholarship is made available as a result of a gift from Heartland Goldens and Mini Goldendoodles (HGMG).


 All Applications are accepted from March 1 until May 30, 2021, midnight, EST.


Instructions for applying:


1.     Download this application and type in your responses. Save the file as HGMG.Last Name.First Name.doc.  Email to If you have problems please e-mail HGMG.


 Applicants will receive a confirmation email after June 1

about their submission of the application form.


Heartland Goldens and Mini Goldendoodles (HGMG)         

4112 S Native Court                                                  

Yorktown, IN 47396

Phone:  765-717-4867



Scholarship Amount:

The scholarship is a one-time $500 award paid directly to the recipients student account at the university of attendance.  Scholarship will be delivered AFTER the recipient successful completion of their first semester of classes at the university or college.  

Rules and Regulations:  
The scholarship recipient will be awarded the scholarship approximately 30-60 days after
the conclusion of the first semester of college.  By 
participating in this scholarship application you are giving Heartland Goldens and Mini Goldendoodles (HGMG) permission to contact you via e-mail or phone to notify you of any errors in your entry or if your being chosen as the recipient of the scholarship.  In addition you are giving us permission to use your name, high school, college and assay on this for for any informational or promotional purposes, with no compensation or payment to you.  The scholarship award winner is solely responsible for any state and/or federal income taxes that arise as a result of the awarding of the scholarship.  

Awarding the Scholarship:

The scholarship will be awarded by a panel of judges who will determine the winner based on their discretion

We are very pleased to announce the recipient of the 2020 Heartland Goldens and Mini Goldendoodles Veterinarian Scholarship is Maci Gerken. She is a 2020 graduate of Paola High School in Paola, Kansas.  Maci plans to attend Kansas State University in the fall.  We are very proud of her accomplishments in High School and look forward to the day when she achieves her goal of becoming a veterinarian. 

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