Purchasing a Puppy Information

Our red, brown, cream, apricot, tan black and white Mini F1 Goldendoodles and our Mini F1b Goldendoodle puppies are $1,800 - $2,200 for males and $2,400 for females.  Our nontraditional colored puppies are $3,000 without breeding rights, $3,500 with breeding rights.   

We take a $300 Nonrefundable deposit to be placed on our wait list. (Indiana residents are subject to a 7% sales tax).  

We care about what happens to each and every one of our puppies . We offer a lifetime of support to every puppy and their new families!

Each puppy will come with:
  • First puppy shots
  • Dewormed x4
  • Vet check
  • Puppy Pack from the vet
  • Blanket with siblings and moms scent on it (this helps with separation anxiety)
  • Toys
  • Container of puppy food
  • 2 year health guarantee

Please be sure you are ready for a puppy. Puppies require a lot of care and patience while they are growing up. Be prepare to deal with jumping, nipping, chewing, etc. as all puppies go threw this puppy stage in life. Also expect a lot of kisses, cuddling and many laughs as you watch your puppy grow. With time, patience  and training you will have a "best friend" for many years!

The Saturday after the puppies turn 8 weeks of age the puppy will be ready to be picked up. I do not let them go before 8 weeks. Puppies need this time with there parents to learn as much as possible. I list current litter as they arrive and make notes on the reserve list so everyone knows where they are on the list. I'll call and make the appointments when its time. I want a perfect fit for everyone and especially for every one of my puppies. On the pick up day, you can pay your remaining balance with PayPal, Chase Quick Pay, Zelle, Venmo, or cash.  NO checks or money orders on the day of pick up.  Thanks for your understanding.  

I will have a folder of information for you and your family with a puppy pack for each puppy when they leave.  I look forward to making everyone happy and finding a wonderful, lasting homes for everyone of my dogs. 

If you can not make here for you puppy pick up, we can work with you through pictures and Facetime if needed, put all puppies must be paid for in full by the puppy pick up day, unless other prearranged agreements have been made. 

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