Selecting a breeder and a puppy is and should be a huge decision, a decision that you we see and feel the affects of for many many years.   We have been involved with Golden Retrievers since 1988, which wow have there been lots of changes in the dog world since then and how puppies are raised,  advertised and sold.  Through those years we ourselves have worked with and learned a lot from some wonderful breeders and we also have also the infortunes to have had some dealing with some fraudulent terrible people/breeders.  With the pandemic it seems like that has really brought out many scams, frauds and the pure worse in some people, which many of them do not even own a dog or have any puppies.

We know there are lots and lots of breeders to choose from out there, some closer to you then we are some further away from you then we are.  There are many articles written on how to select a breeder, with that been said we want to give you some reasons that may help you decide and which breeder to choose and hopeful it would be us.  
We been caring for, loving, training, showing, hunting, breeding Golden Retrievers in some capacity since 1988, then we starting raising Mini Goldendoodles in 2012.  (We are not a pop-up pandemic breeder). 
We feel that we have some of the best pedigreed Golden Retrievers compared to any other Goldendoodle breeder.  Some of our moms come from some of the top American Kennel Club show dog in the country, some of our moms come from so of the top American Kennel Club field working dogs in the country.  We have found many many benefits from these amazing pedigrees, some being the health of the mom and the health of their puppies, the trainability of the puppies, the sweet, happy temperaments of the puppies, we contribute that to the dedication of the breeders that helped build these pedigrees with years and many many generations of health testing and making very selective crosses to improve the breed.  We know most of our customers will not be showing or doing any official field work with their puppies, but we feel with the long long history of healthy, trainable, enjoyable, dogs in a pedigree it really does help us have some wonderful puppies that fit in so nice with the families of our customers.  
We genetic test, making sure our puppies are not affected by any disease on the Paw Print Genetics, Golden Retriever, Poodle, or the Goldendoodle essential panels.  
We are small enough breeder to be very personal, caring, able to get in contact with, and yet big enough to in most cases have a puppy available for you in a short wait after going on our waiting list.  Our business is Bart and Kelli Hainz, we are empty nesters, with really do not have any other hobbies, the dogs are hobby, enjoyment, and passion,  our dogs are here on site, we do not have any guardian homes, satellite facilities, or off site partners.  
We are very blessed to have some wonderful grandchildren that are so helpful at playing with socializing, and caring for the puppies with us.  With the great help our grandchildren give us, we also feel so fortunate to be able to engage with many of our wonderful customers who have some great stories, life experiences that our grandchildren hear and hopefully will be motivated or be inspired by.  
We take great pride in raising heathy, happy, playful puppies.  We also know and feel it is our responsibility to be there for our customers if they have any questions or concerns before or after the initial sale, we know the after the sale care is as important as the before the sale care, we make sure we are there on both ends.   
We feel with the quality, care, health, temperament, trainability, etc. our prices is very computable and maybe a little lower then the market average. 
Through the years we have been chosen by customers through out the United States, we value and really appreciate all of our customers, but truly it is an amazing feeling when a customer chooses us from the Miami, Florida area, Seattle Washington are, Boston Massachusetts area, New York City area, Milwaukee, Wisconsin area, or the Chicago Illinois area just to name a few, and comes here to pick up their puppy, we know in a lot of these areas there are a lot of other breeders closer to them.  
It has been amazing and really almost unbelievable the connection that we have made with customers and the repeat customers that has created and the amount of close friends and family members of these wonderful customers that have also decided to choose us.  Thank YOU. 
We try very hard to be very honorable people with committed core values, doing the right thing.  With that we also feel it is important for us to help others when we can, and example of that is our Heartland Goldens and Mini Goldendoodles Veterinarian Scholarship program that has been a wonderful experience.  If you know a High School Senior that is passionate on being a Veterinarian please let them know about our program, or if you know any guidance counselors or anyone that can help spread the word about our Scholarship please help us spread the word.  
We love what we are doing and feel so honored to have created business sharing and giving so much love, excitement, friendship, etc. We thank you for considering us and if you decide to choose us we look forward to giving you an enjoyable, wonderful experience giving you years of happiness.
Bart and Kelli Hainz